Sunday, September 27, 2009

Hash Songs by BBOT

I will be scribing the Red Dress Hash in more detail later as per the request of Bronzz Bunzz. For the moment I just wanted to get into print the three songs I composed on the drive back home from the event.

If you reprint any of my songs, please attribute to Bush Beer on Tap of the Omaha Hash House Harriers, and link back here. Thanks!

Your Mom
We joke about your mother
But she's really very nice!
The last time I was over,
She gave it to me twice!
I'm not proposing marriage,
I don't want to be your dad,
But I've tasted your mom's pie
And it's the best I ever had!

Elbow Song (for digitizing violations)
Hashers indicate direction
With a funny bone erection,
'Cause hashing is pointless!

You Fucker (for technology on trail violations, more or less to the tune of Camptown Ladies)
Put your fucking phone away,
You fucker!
You fucker!
Put your fucking phone away,
And drink another beer!
Your friends don't like you anyway,
You fucker!
You fucker!
Your friends don't like you anyway,
So have another beer!


Unknown said...

What are the tunes for the OTHER three songs?

Jess said...

Well, the You Fucker song is more or less to the tune of The Camptown Ladies, but the others are originals.